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Tamil Historic Novels
Description: yavana rani is about a greek princess who is saved by ilanchezhiyan from a chola empire kadal pura is another novel about a army commander of chola aristocrat
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Description: s rajaram and s yavana rani 2008 identified the service gap between perceived and expected level of the private banks customers with a sample size of 200 customers
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EMP0612 - Notepad
Description: 012417 j yavana suriya 47253 youth resident 012418 shareshtha ranirattan 20058 reduce division clerk 041272
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amil rip t Sa kara Radhakri
Description: sandilyans yavana rani kadal pura and raja muthirai etc are excellent works in the sphere of tamil novels also akilan received the gnana peeth
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thEvAram 229 - thiruvaiyARu
Description: utra riladhark kuruthunai yavana odhinannul katral paravap perumai yudaiyana kadhal ceyyanai venni ranindhanaic cerndhariyak kaiyanai enggunj cerindhanai anbarkku
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