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TM WOMAC Questionnaire Objectives Target population Method of use
Description: womactm petition objectives a womac index is a disease-specific tri-dimensional self-administered questionnaire for assessing health standing and health
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Description: v3 - english for usa at baseline copyright2004 nicholas bellamy all rights reserved womac osteoarthritis index lk31 ik instructions to patients
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The WOMAC Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis Indices Development
Description: the womac index is a tridimensional self-completed patient-centered health standing questionnaire drumming into pain s t i f fness and earthy function 56
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Validation for the reduced Western Ontario and McMaster
Description: vol 16 no 1 april 2008 validation for the reduced womac function scale 53 in the missing value protocol the reduced-scale questionnaire was derived using the
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Longitudinal comparison of the Health Assessment Questionnaire
Description: longitudinal comparison of the health assessment questionnaire haq and the western ontario and mcmaster universities osteoarthritis index womac
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Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 2008674494-9 Individualizing
Description: in oa trials and used in further to a womac duty subscale by adding usually the welfare questionnaire a womac tip 5 requires serve validation in independent
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FDA Summary for Synvisc-One Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Devices
Description: womac questionnaire primary efficacy endpoint tool used in the study have been included in sections 80 and 90 for completeness of the panel pack information
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Determinants of WOMAC function pain and sti V ness scores
Description: the womac achieved well in ra and fm and correlated strongly with a health comment questionnaire haq incapacity scale and a visible analogue scale
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Evaluation of psychometric properties of Walking Impairment
Description: ontario and mcmaster universities womac oa index questionnaire 4 and the functional performance inven-tory 10 since more factors than simply walking influ-
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Arthroplasty Development and testing of a reduced WOMAC function scale
Description: score of a womac is mostly redundant and is ordinarily excluded from a questionnaire a pain scale has usually ve equipment and no rebate was deemed to be necessary
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