Download: waves and fields in inhomogeneous media

R Janaswamy Department of Electrical Date of Outline Preparation
Description: w c chew waves and fields in inhomogeneous media ieee press new york 1995 l b felsen deviation and pinch of electromagnetic waves ieee press new
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Description: propagation in inhomogeneous media by f h mitchell jr i f j fields in this case no waves would propagate into or out of the region
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Description: tromagnetics waves for cylindrical geometries in formidable media ieee trans fdtd make-believe of electromagnetic fields in inhomogeneous earth media for
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WAVE FIELDS IN REAL MEDIA Wave Propagation in Anisotropic
Description: wave fields in real media wave propagation in anisotropic 7143 time-harmonic fields 309 7144 inhomogeneous plane waves 312 7145 homogeneous plane waves 314
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Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics S Ramo J R
Description: fields and waves in communication electronics s ramo j r whinnery t van duzer rays in inhomogeneous media 14 homogeneous media have reflective index that
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Time Reversal of Ultrasonic Fields-Part I Basic Principles
Description: abstract-time annulment of ultrasonic fields represents a approach to concentration through an inhomogeneous techniques used for focusing pulsed waves by inhomogeneous media
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A family of approximations spanning the Born and Rytov scattering
Description: chew waves and fields in inhomogeneous media ieee press piscataway nj 1995 2 a c kak and m slaney principles of computerized tomographic imaging ieee press
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Singular polarimetry Evolution of polarization singularities in
Description: vector fields eg electromagnetic or effervescent waves have more degrees of leisure and are rays in large-scale inhomogeneous media in this case a problem is
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Short-pulse inversion of inhomogeneous media a time-domain
Description: short-pulse inversion of inhomogeneous media a a spectrum of time-dependent plane waves using the fields in the frequency domain denoted by a
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Fast Direct Solution Algorithm for 3D Electromagnetic Scattering
Description: ll w c chew waves and fields in inhomogeneous media piscataway nj ieee press 1994 12 w c gnaw and c lu the use of huygens equilibrium principle
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