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Tigrigna Bible
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Huge potential for Talking Bible in Eritrea
Description: in tigrigna was what kashi negash deres wanted habte negash executive secretary of the bible society of eritrea to tell him this question came after the orthodox
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Tigrigna Genesis Translation
Description: s6 hti 1-2 flcyt 70 vnji a- e flaje-t h k-f-flcu 7n h5afl7 hai rafi ai-n mc rtje 7nc9205pati hvsd -aha pr
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Meanings of Ethiopian Girls names Name Meaning Origin
Description: arsemma amharictigrigna aregash you are calm amharic asmawit bethania bethany a place mentioned in the bible amharicbiblical
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Meanings of Ethiopian Boys names Name Meaning Origin
Description: bahta tigrigna barnabas son of prophecy amharicbiblical basliel amharic baslios ethiopian king amharic bayissa oromigna bayou amharic
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Description: meeting urge also for a successful execution of a sidama and tigrigna interpretation projects for supports for a amharic investigate bible project for a guji kambatta
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Ramseyer-Norther Bible Society Museum Collection at the UMD Library
Description: new testament il nuovo testamento nella lingua tigrigna asmara missione svedese bible kitb i muqaddas yane purn aur naya ahd-nma london british and
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Cover and front material
Description: mursi-english-amharic compendium david turton moges yigezu and olisarali olibui december 2008
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Will You Pray
Description: and the bible lessons are really good two thumbs up gracia burnham missionary and author our children have enjoyed serving at vom headquarters and we greatly
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Multilingualism and Nation Building Language and Education in Eritrea
Description: there are also tigrigna who live outward the executive highlands as non-natives of than a bible interpretation available for tigre and kunama a script most
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