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Dr K Swayam Prakash MD Ayurveda Vaidya Vatsyayana Chief
Description: published a following books in telugu a aducation- introduction to sexology 3 ayurvedic diagnosis aspects of madhumeha diabetes mellitus 2 ayurvedic
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Description: regarding ayurvedic medicines in regional languages to regional languages kannnada tamil telugu right time to collect such unpublished palm leaf books
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Description: the ayurvedic pharmacopoeia of india part- i volume ii supervision of india tel telugu abbreviations for tools of plants cotyledon cotldn flower fl fruit fr
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Charaka Samhita - Handbook on Ayurveda - Volume I
Description: 3 dedicated to dr vasant lad my first ayurvedic teacher to sri punarvasu atreya voice of the charaka samhita and to todays ayurvedic students and future vaidyas
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Homoeopathy - Like cures like
Description: after that i started a regular study of homoeopathic books in my fathers library many a time i studied all night long and thus acquired
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edic strology
Description: washington reading us story books and interviewing professors of story and economicsthe popularly famous charts unsuccessful completely nothing seemed
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Description: drugs and these are still used in the classical formulations in the ayurvedic system of medicine unfortunately much of the ancient knowledge and many valuable plants
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Some Famous Indian Scientists
Description: his investigate explored scarcely all branches of fanciful astrophysics and he published 10 books any covering a opposite topic including one on a relationship between
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Description: the names are drawn from hundreds of books and other references from 35 different ayurvedic healing dr david frawley passage press 1989 back to eden jethro kloss
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Books presently available in Shantikunj
Description: gj30 gujbooks150 ol 15 bs gj31 gujbooks200 ol 2 bs gj32 gujbooks16 ol tg01 telugu karm kand bhaskar 80 bs tg02 telguyug silpi shangeet 8 bs tl01 telagu
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