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Description: attempt and subodh shri guru charitra in marathi poetry was published in november 1952 on datta jayanti margashir poornima it is an gifted fact that a
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Sree Guru Charitra
Description: sree guru charitra pujya acharya sri ekkirala bharadwaja salutations to such a guru shri guru gita kusa bhav served his guru sri datta maharaj and learnt
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Sri Gurudeva Datta Vaibhavam
Description: guru charitra speaks really hig hly -about a glorification of guru and guru-gita gods incarnation in datta and shri guru is one and a same god is threesome is guru
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Pt Vilas Thuse Panditjikidsplanetusa
Description: read guru charitra daily or as per guidance from pandit 2 shri datta mantra upasana consult pandit for datta mantra upasana 3 shri datta fasting thursday vrat
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Description: yogarja-ti_ak edi by a k priyolakar marathi caritrakoa 1946 bharatavarshiya charitra kosha maharaja zr datttreya akhf of ujjain shri guru datta
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Shri Sai Satcharitra
Description: marathi dedicated books though unfortunately that index was specifically on guru pournima ashadha full-moon day in this kali age we - a all-pervasive datta have
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Description: gangadhar in the well-known marathi work shri guru-charitra the guru charitra sri sai satcharitra by parma pujaya sri guru datta baghala devi joythir vidya
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