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SSR College of Pharmacy Silvassa 2007-2008
Description: pharmaceutical research volume - 1 10 avkasture pchem 32 unsentimental pharmaceutics 10 sbgokhale pceutic 33 introduction to curative engineering
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Description: an injection volume was 20l from 100gml solution and uv pharmaceutical analysis vol ii dr av kasture dr kr mahadik drsg
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Estimation of Flupenthixol HCl in single dosage form by RP-HPLC method
Description: international biography of pharmaceuticals analysis issn 0975-3079 volume 1 emanate 2 sheikh ia charde m s and kasture av dialect of curative chemistry
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Description: pharmaceutical analysis volume i ii by ashutosh kar 2 pharmaceutical analysis by pc kamboj 3 pharmaceutical analysis volume i by dr a v kasture s g
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Research Articlewwwijrapnet Mohite Mukesh T Bhokare Namrata R
Description: mukesh t bhokare namrata r bhokare nishant r kasture pramod v department of pharmaceutical analysis the drug completely with vigorous shaking then the volume
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Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Omeprazole in
Description: amol bhandage 1 ashok bhosale 1 ashok kasture 2 and vijaya popatrao godse 1 1department of curative analysis s g r amean sd n 5 badded to a known volume
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Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences
Description: rjpbcs volume 2 issue 1 page no 750 research journal of pharmaceutical 4 kasture av wadodkar sg mahadik kr more hm pharmaceutical analysis 1997 2 1-5
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Description: department of curative analysis jkknataraja college of make adult the volume with mobie phase a sample 2chandana shveta kasture a v yeole pg
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Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
Description: of pharmaceutical analysis make up the volume 4 kasture av wadodkar sg mahadik kr and more hn textbook of pharmaceutical analysis ii,2010,%202(1...
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Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta Open Access
Description: curative analysis 2 of 2 volume 1 2 cbs publishers and distributors 10 kasture av wadodkar sg mahadik kr some-more hn 1996 text of curative analysis
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