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Introduction to Expert Systems MYCIN - MYCINS EXPERTISE
Description: introduction to consultant systems mycin 1 mycin was a first vast expert complement to perform during the turn of a tellurian expert and to yield users with an reason of
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SHYSTER-MYCIN A Hybrid Legal Expert System
Description: shyster-mycin a hybrid legal expert system thomas a ocallaghan dept of computer science australian national university canberra australia
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Building and Testing the SHYSTER-MYCIN Hybrid Legal Expert System
Description: tr-cs-03-01 building and contrast the shyster-mycin hybrid authorised expert complement thomas a ocallaghan james popple and eric mccreath might 2003 corner computer scholarship
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The Evolution of Expert Systems
Description: mycin expert system 222 components of a rule-based expert system the structure of a rule-based expert system is shown in fig 1 2 in this case the
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Description: some expert system need common sense john mccarthy computer science department one of the best known expert systems is mycin shortli e 1976 davis buchanan and
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Description: explanation in mycin an critical feature of any consultant system is that it can explain how it comes adult with conclusions this allows users to know what a system is
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Rule-Based Expert Systems The MYCIN Experiments of the Stanford
Description: lwe use the name emycin tbr the system that evolved from mycin as a framework for building and running new expert systems the name stands for essential mycin that is
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Description: mycin was an early consultant system grown over 5 or 6 years in a early 1970s during stanford university it was created in lisp as a doctoral disseration of edward
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CSC 550 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fall 2004
Description: an expert system uses knowledge specific to a problem domain to provide mycin 1976 provided consultative advice on bacterial infections rule-based
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Completeness and
Description: regardless of how an consultant system is developed the developers can rule-based consultant systems a mycin experiments of a stanford heuristic programming
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