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Three-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Design Using MSP430
Description: wwwticom 1 introduction n bucket msp430f449 adc12 v1 v2 v3 i1 i2 i3 xt1 xt2 32768 hz l1 ct1 v1 l2 ct2 v2 l3 ct3 v3 introduction this focus report describes a
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MSP430 Capacitive Single-Touch Sensor Design Guide
Description: application report slaa379january 2008 msp430 capacitive single-touch sensor design guide vincent chan steve underwood
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A Window into Design MSP430 Quality Design-for-Test DONE
Description: 1 5212008 1 a window into design msp430 design-for-test michael zwerg 2 bulletin introduction and definitions msp430 prolongation test silicon forsake and
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Hardware and Software Design of an MSP430-based Satellite using an
Description: slide 1 hardware and software design of an msp430-based satellite using an rtos speaker andrew e kalman phd president pumpkin inc
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Design of Low-Power Asynchronous MSP430 Processor Core Using AFSM
Description: design of low-power asynchronous msp430 processor core using afsm based controllers myeong-hoon oh 1 chihoon shin 2 and seongwoon kim 1 1 electronics and
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fall semester report final
Description: microcontrollers with a texas instruments msp430 initial semester news fall division 2007 by daniel michaud jeremy orban jesse snyder prepared to partially perform
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Revised Pulsoximeter Design Using the MSP430
Description: application report slaa458 june 2010 revised pulsoximeter design using the msp430 bhargavi nisarga
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Digital FIR Filter Design Using the MSP430F16x
Description: 1 speculation of operation yk n i 0 i xk i 1 focus report slaa228 november 2004 digital fir filter pattern using a msp430f16x murugavel raju
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Wireless ECGEEG with the MSP430 Microcontroller
Description: with the design of the circuits analogue part i would also like to ac-knowledge the contribution of colin waddell who wrote an msp430 wiki page which was a great help
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Energy harvesting personal safety and asset management solutions
Description: energy harvesting personal reserve and item management solutions take tip prizes in tis ultra-low energy msp430tm mcu pattern contest thursday february 18 2010
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