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Ariyathalangalilekku Novel in Malayalam by E Harikumar
Description: 1 adn-bm--e--fn-tebvv tm-h c lcn-ip-am cmip-n-ifpw hcp sip-nbpw xe-ap-d-i isv hcp nxp-cw-k--e-i-bpss cq-n ahmbn adn-bm-
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An Efficient OCR for Printed Malayalam Text using Novel
Description: research paper international journal of recent trends in engineering issue 1 vol 1 may 2009 178 an efficient ocr for printed malayalam text
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Description: 116 malayalam novel aa deergha mounam that prolonged silence english-aw by shashi deshpande translated by thankam nair pp 120 initial edition 2000 isbn 81-260-0951
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Globalization and Divergence Dynamics of Dissensus in Non-Dominant
Description: yesudasans concepts for scrutinizing the malayalam novels projection of dalit agency was inspired by the programmatic titles of ambedkars agitprop journals the mute
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A Novel Segmentation Technique for Printed Malayalam Characters
Description: international journal of computer and electrical engineering vol 2 no 4 august 2010 1793-8163 715 abstract segmentation of whole characters in indian
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Growth of Novel Publishing Market Community Society Women
Description: story in malayalam in a manner of english novel books this pleasant novel called indulekha published in 1889 was a first complicated
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Kerala History
Description: malayalam realistic novel it is about modernity challenging the rationale of the caste system that ones profession should depend on pedigree
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The Prorpectus The present day reader does not give much critical
Description: the initial noteworthy examination in malayalam literature in a area of a novel was done by appu nedungadi however his book kurdalotha 1887
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Description: the nineteenth century pioneer novel in malayalam keshava devs odayil ninnu and mudiyanaaya puthran have honed our social outlooks we laugh at societys flaws
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1B1 Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai
Description: brief outline of malayalam novel brief story and play unit v brief story of malayalam travelogue journal and autobiography no content books prescribed
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