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Using of Clustering Techniques in Optimal Placement of Phasor
Description: system for a ieee 30-bus and ieee 57-bus systems usually the final formula are presented a topology of a ieee 14-bus complement is presented in fig 4
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A Practical Comprehensive Approach to PMU Placement for Full
Description: table 53 results of three placement algorithms on ieee 57 bus test system 39 table 54 results of two placement algorithms on ieee 118 bus test system
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Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units for State Estimation
Description: table 37 complement information of ieee 57-bus complement system of branches of 0 injections 0 injection buses ieee 57-bus 78 15 4 7 11 21 22 24 26 34 36 37
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Ant Colony Optimization Applied on Combinatorial Problem for
Description: standard ieee 57-bus test system with different objectives that reflect fuel cost minimization voltage profile improvement and voltage stability
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Description: performance of the methodologies and programs for ieee-5 bus system ieee-9 bus 317 bus data 57 318 bus database 57 319 transmission line
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A Comparison of Local vs Sensory Input- Driven Wide Area
Description: illustrated utilizing a ieee 57 train system as a exam bed a plan based on a grouping of capacitors for wacs control is illustrated and compared to internal control
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Implementation of FVSI for Contingency Ranking in Power System
Description: spent to analyse a single line outage then the ieee 57-bus system would require 1 hour and 20 minutes to simulate all of the line outages the
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Corrective action planning considering FACTS allocation and
Description: finally in territory 8 a numerical examinations are carried out using ieee 57-bus complement to denote the eectiveness of a proposed method
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Wind Power Plant Collector System IEEE PES GM Calgary Canada IEEE
Description: wind power plant collector system ieee pes gm rigid bus structures can be located in ieee-605 ieee 5791 specifies the thermal modeling
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Optimal Power Flow Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Description: this process was tested on a modified ieee 57 train test system a results performed by this process are compared with those performed with ga or mat-
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