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Description: iec 61968-9 book 10 2009-09 general standard focus integration during electric utilities complement interfaces for placement management{ed1.0}en.pdf
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Description: 61968-1 iec2003e 3 figure 1 distribution management system with iec 61968 compliant interface architecture{ed1.0}en.pdf
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A Proposed Service Mapping between the MultiSpeak Specification
Description: a due service mapping between a multispeak selection and iec 61968-9 gary a mcnaughton pe
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MultiSpeak and IEC 61968 CIM Moving Towards Interoperability
Description: grid-interop forum 2008 paper_id-1 multispeak and iec 61968 cim moving towards interoperability gary a mcnaughton pe multispeak project technical coordinator
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61968-9 Message profiles for DLMSCOSEM
Description: it will thus be an extension of iec 61968-9 that will enable erp systems to communicate to the metering head-end when the meters are dlmscosem compliant
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Beroset Elster Solutions
Description: my regard today is that a process and timing of a adoption of iec customary 61968-9 focus integration during electric utilities - complement interfaces for distribution,%20Elster...
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Description: c i r e d 18th international conference on electricity distribution turin 6-9 june 2005 cired2005 session no 3 cimergy project first results on iec 61970-61968
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IEC CIM Enterprise Architect Profiles and CIMTool
Description: iec cim pivotal standards iec 61970-301 core cim delivery focus iec 61968-11 distribution extensions standards that precedence the cim
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Common Information Model CIM and MultiSpeak for Smart Grid
Description: operation naming patterns utilizing iec 61968 verb reference 9 iec verbinformation object_service pattern name create created change changed
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IEC Smart Grid Standardization Roadmap
Description: 61968-14-1 mapping between multispeak 40 and iec 61968 tools 3 by 9 and 13 61968-14-2 cim form for multispeak 40 one form for iec 61968 tools 3 by
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