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Description: dendrimer and well-defined structure are needed as is a case for biomedical applications dendrimers are most better candidates a cavities benefaction in dendrimers
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Dendrimers properties and applications - SYNTHESIS
Description: faber ma domaski dm bryszewska m leyko w 1999 1st international dendrimer symposium frank furtmain book of abstracts p 61
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Description: ijrpc 2011 14 toraskar et al issn 22312781 1100 general journal of investigate in pharmacy and chemistry
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Synthesis and Characterization of Pt Dendrimer-Encapsulated
Description: synthesis and characterization of pt dendrimer-encapsulated nanoparticles effect of the template on nanoparticle formation marc r knechtmichael g weir
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Supramolecular Chemistry of Dendrimers
Description: topics in current chemistryvol217 springer-verlagberlin heidelberg 2001 this review will focus on recent progress in supramolecular dendrimer chemistrywe have
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Supporting Information Table of content - Imaging Brain Tumor by
Description: s1 imaging mind tumor by dendrimer-based opticalparamagnetic nanoprobe opposite the blood-brain barrier huihui yan jiyao wang peiwei yi hao lei changyou zhan
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Potentiation of ribonuclease cytotoxicity by a polyamidoamine
Description: ellis hornung and raines supplementary data s1 potentiation of ribonuclease cytotoxicity by a polyamidoamine dendrimer gregory a ellis megan l hornung
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ga Uli n Zuzana Garaiov
Description: dendrimer-drug complexation nonetheless the series of guest molecules incorporated into a dendrimer might be contingent to a singular extent on a architecture of a dendrimer
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Separation of polyamidoamine PAMAM dendrimer generations by
Description: journal of chromatography b 841 2006 135139 separation of polyamidoamine pamam dendrimer generations by dynamic coating capillary electrophoresis
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Constitutional Isomers of Dendrimer-like Star Polymers Design
Description: slac-pub-8421 august 2000 inherent isomers of dendrimer-like star polymers design singularity and conformational and constructional properties mikael trollss
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