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Department of Computer ScienceEngineeringAJCE
Description: rs sedha 204 mechanism architecture ap godse da godse 205 information structure in java gkbaluja gsbaluja 294 information structures by c gs
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Description: ii constants variables and data types in c iii iii token expression and control structure iv classes ii understanding cpractical apporach gsbaluja g
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Using Optimal Dependency-Trees for Combinatorial Optimization
Description: how good a network structure b models a dependencies in a data d and a genuine value p baluja s 1997 genetic algorithms and pithy search sta
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Description: s baluja kp vaishnani r gajera and n kachhadia the structure of all these compounds are given in fig 1 from the experimental data of density viscosity and
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Sparse Transfer Learning for Interactive Video Search Reranking
Description: irrelevant ones and preserve the local structure of the data reranking methods hsu et al 2007 jing and baluja smeulders aw m worring m santini s a g
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Nirma University Ahmedabad Institute of Diploma Studies List of
Description: chemical fastening atomic structure dvc036 chemical engineering information structures by c a unsentimental approach baluja g s dcg00197 information structures
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Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences
Description: from the experimental data various acoustical corresponding author e-mail shipra_baluja the increase in sn suggests the structure forming tendency of this drug
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Available online a Scholars Research Library
Description: data were correlated opposite temperature it is figure 1 structure of cholesterol chemical name g h t s 7 these evaluated thermodynamic
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The Happy Searcher Challenges in W eb Information Retrieval
Description: that leveraging the vast amounts of data on web it ranking schemes that do not make use of link structure rowley ha baluja s kanade t neural network
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Microwave Promoted Synthesis of Some Schiff Bases
Description: the structure of all a synthesized compounds 9 johnson d m reybuck s e lawton r g ramussen p g 17 mehra s c zaman s j chem eng information 23 89 1978
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