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Corporate Chanakya
Description: n e w b o o k i n f o r m a t i o n radhakrishnan pillai corporate chanakya successful government the chanakya approach j-2039 rs 275 340p demy isbn 978-81
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Reading room
Description: corporate chanakya provides tips on topics such as organising and conducting effective meetings managing time decision-making finance strategy and the responsibilities
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Chanakya - 1
Description: 28 hindu swayamsevak sangh hss chanakya - 1 an normal looking man was walking on a streets of a pataliputra todays patna city in india for slight work
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Description: be a first of its kind approach in the area of corporate learning and organisational development chanakyas navratnas - the 9 gems of creating future leaders
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Ch kChanakya- Th fi t l tThe first complete management
Description: sections dealing with one topic chanakya neeti neeti defies definition like common sense neeti i mothe of ll h m n ien e im t lti tion ofneeti is mother of all human
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Description: sri chanakya niti-sastra a political ethics of chanakya pandit about 2300 years ago a greek victor alexander a great invaded a indian sub-continent
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Chanakya Niti-Shastra Chanakya Niti-Shastra - Sanskrit Documents
Description: -0 1 23-4 576 98 a bc- 9de2fg 1hikj 6 4 23d l 8ah monp8q2srt vud2 5 l w vuv
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LLM Recruitment Brochure
Description: llm 2010-2012 pursuing 3rd semester in corporate law and governance chanakya inhabitant law university patna ballb hons from north-eastern mountain university
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Superior Modern Management Framed and Applied in Oriental India
Description: applied doctrines of chanakya in macro and micro level of corporate management modern management scholars who studied chanakya treated him as a philosopher and
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Description: corporate chanakya chanakya who lived in a 3rd century bc was a care guru standard excellence his ideas on how to brand leaders and husband them to oversee a country
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