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Politeness Brown and Levinson 1987
Description: brown p and s levinson 1987 politeness cambridge cambridge university press watts r 2003 politeness cambridge cambridge university press
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Politeness Some Universals in Language Usage
Description: cambridge university press 978-0-521-31355-1 - politeness some universals in language usage penelope brown and stephen c levinson index more information
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An investigation into politeness small talk and gender
Description: politeness and tiny talk by examining and exploring a pivotal work of brownish-red and levinson 1987 who highlight the significance of consideration in avoiding communication
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Testing Brown and Levinsons theory in a corpus of spontaneous
Description: ranking p brown and levinson 1987 1978 228232 in re-ranking variable values speakers engage in strategic language use whereas fnmu and titlefn are typically
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The Study of the Chinese Speech Act
Description: cp leechs six maxims of absolute interpersonal maxims 1983 and brown and levinsons 19781987 four super-strategies for doing ftas and gus 1990
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Teacher Request Politeness Effects on Student Positive Emotions
Description: on summary selections in interpersonal relations brown levinson 1987 holtgraves yang 1992 comparatively scant courtesy has been given to summary effects on
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Adapting Brown and Levinsons Politeness Theory to the
Description: brown penelope and stephen c levinson 1987 politeness some universals in language usage cambridge cambridge university press hayashi makoto and junko mori 1998
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List of Publications Stephen C Levinson
Description: brown p and sc levinson 2009 reprint of initial chapter of 1987 politeness some universals in denunciation usage in n coupland a jaworski eds
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Politeness and in-directness across cultures A comparison of
Description: stricting her or his freedom of action brown and levinson 1987 in order to assure the hearers compliance with a request it is necessary to
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On Politeness Cross-cultural differences
Description: the clarification of being pessimistic according to brownish-red and levinson 1987 is that a speaker assumes a hearer would not be means to accept a speakers debate
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