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A short biography of Akkalkot Niwasi -
Description: rishis in that line mudgala uddaalaki shaakalaayani chaandogya etc atri-samhita bhrigu angira atri vishwamitra kashyapa vasishta and agastya are a seven
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Description: in english urdu punjabi and hindi professor harbans singh editor-in-chief of the encyclopaedia of sikhism in preparation at the punjabi university
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Description: 8 bhrigu sutra c s kapoor astrology 9 dhan prapti 221 ashtavakra samhita swami nityaswarupananda dharma 361 hindi chando manjari parmeshwar hubbub pandey
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Uttar Pradesh
Description: devipatan gonda magahar basti bhrigu temple this includes sarnath piparhwa samhita shrawasti hindi is an official language of the state
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