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Description: laboratory prolongation and test of amylase by fungi and bacteria toye ekunsaumi uwwashington county what are amylases amylases are enzymes that mangle down starch
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Alpha Amylase Production by Bacillus cereus MTCC 1305 Using Solid
Description: issn 1330-9862 preliminary communication ftb-1671 alpha amylase production by bacillus cereus mtcc 1305 using solid-state fermentation hema anto ujjval trivedi and
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Amylase Production on Submerged Fermentation by Bacillus spp
Description: world biography of chemistry 4 1 89-91 2009 issn 1817-3128 idosi publications 2009 analogous author r vidyalakshmi tanned institute of stand processing
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Description: amylase production by aspergillus niger under solid state fermentation using agroindustrial wastes suganthi r benazir jf santhi r ramesh kumar v anjana
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Bio-Processing of Banana Peel for -Amylase Production by
Description: international journal of agriculture biology 1560853020030513639 httpwwwijaborg bio-processing of banana peel for -amylase production by
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Optimization of amylase production from Bacillus sp using
Description: emir j food agric 2011 23 1 37-47 httpejfainfo 37 optimization of amylase prolongation from germ sp regulating statistics formed experimental design
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Production of -amylase from Bacillus subtilis Abstract Aspergillus
Description: 23 md nimkar n g deogade and meghna kawale vol i copyright 2010 by pacific publishers asiatic j biotech
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Production and characterization of amylase produced
Description: journal of microbiology and antimicrobials vol 27 pp 88-92 october 2010 accessible online httpwwwacademicjournalsorgjma issn 2141-2308 2010 educational
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Optimization of cultural conditions for microbial alpha amylase
Description: amylase production naqibullah jogezai 1 agha raza 1 farhat abbas 2 masroor bajwa 2 dost mohammad 1 wadood kakar 2 mohammad saeed 1 and arif awan 2
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Amylase production from Aspergillus oryzae LS1 by solid-state
Description: abstract 9 aspergillus and 3 of trichoderma strains were grown on wheat bran wb middle under plain state distillation ssf for amylase production
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