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The Practice of Witchcraft in the Scriptures
Description: some present-day witches accommodate monthly in covens customarily when a moon is full what does a bible contend about witchcraft are instances of sorcery charming with
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Description: witches ever try to obtain tools from sorcerers who being skilled men make good tools and consecrate them well giving them mighty power but
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Witches Wiccans Vampires and Werewolves
Description: witches wiccans vampires and werewolves trusting fairytales by marlene panell bother potter twilight and new moon trusting stories that inspire,%20Wiccans,%20Vampires,%20and%20...
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J3--Witches Warlocks and Wicked Kings
Description: witches warlocks soothsayers and sorcerers are all people who are mentioned in the bible but then you already knew that didnt you oh you didnt
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The Illuminati Witchcraft From tape recorded Lectures by John
Description: i learned what most witches dont know that the gods they worship are demons in our bible they were as great in the witchcraft bibles initiation rites how to
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Witchcraft fact or fantasy
Description: confirmation statements about witches from a holy bible note 4 or from a writings ofst augustine thomas aquinus alexander of hales note 5 or other Gothic
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Breaking Free 05 Witchcraft
Description: so often christians use the bible as a means of manipulation they show you one scripture out of context to prove that you should be doing something
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Description: accused of being witchesihe initial is a immature woman who entirely accepts a claim that bible support and he that curses his mom or father shall certainly be put to
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Description: question is obvious what is it that you are asking if witches are averse to drews wiccan bible so they shortened my name a bit and just called it a wiccan
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Description: this is since witches rivet in their enchanting practices usually in a dark spirits in studies in bible and exegesis ed moshe garsiel et al ramat gan bar
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