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108 IGNA C
Description: lucrri tiinifice medicin veterinar vol xli 2008 timioara 668 medicine decision urethrotomy contra urethrostomy c igna expertise of veterinary medicine
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Basic Veterinary Subjects
Description: rumenotomy cystotomy urethrotomy caesarian section exploratory laparotomy and lumbo-sacral plexus dissection of eye ear hoof and horn of buffalocattle
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Surgical Management of Obstructive Urolithiasis in a male Cow calf
Description: decided to perform post-scrotal urethrotomy nutritive and government factors heading to calcium-phosphorus imbalance in text of a diseases of cattle
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A retrospective study on ruminant urethral obstruction in Debre
Description: in some of the ruptured bladder cattle cases ischial urethrotomy with placement of catheter revue md vt 2000 151 8-9 855-860 856 tiruneh r
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Archive of SID
Description: urethrotomy showed a three cm long rupture of urethra proximal to the penile orifice seven male cattle vet rec 138 17-19 geccelep m and alkan i 2000
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Description: urethrotomy 5 castration vasectomy caudectomy 6 ovario-hystrectomy and leptospirosis of cattle horses pigs sheep goats pet animals and poultry
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Description: for slaughter urethrostomy penile amputation urethrotomy at site of obstruction mild form interdigital like cattle severe form breaks down keratinized
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Description: laryngotomy oesophagotomy gastrotomy rumenotomy cystotomy urethrotomy ratiocination of eye ear leg and horn of buffalocattle suggested readings
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Description: cattle and buffalo production and management total 112 112 112 112 urethrotomy caesarian section and vasectomy and castration in ox and other species
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Description: abdominocentesisrurnenotomygastrotomyeneterotomyeneteroanastomosis urethrotomy lameness in cattle by pr greenough dialect of veterinary medicine
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