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Object Oriented Modeling and Design using UML
Description: object oriented displaying and pattern james rumbaugh 6 learn yourself uml in 24 hours - joseph schmullers 7 object-oriented research and design regulating uml mike o
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Description: object-oriented modeling and design with uml - michael blaha james rumbaugh 2 nd edition pearson education 2005 2 pattern-oriented software architecture a
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Description: described by rumbaugh et al in a book object-oriented displaying and design this indication to rise object-oriented software omt was grown by james rumbaugh
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Object Oriented Analysis and Design UML Books
Description: object oriented analysis and design uml books uml distilled a brief guide to the standard object modeling language authors grady booch james rumbaugh
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Description: 2 james rumbaugh michael blaha william premerlani frederick eddy william lorensen object-oriented modeling and design prentice hall englewood cliffs
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Object-Oriented Analysis Design
Description: rumbaugh intent modeling technique intent modeling and design james rumbaugh et al 1991 intent oriented research and pattern csc slip 4
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UML Tutorial Part 1 -- Class Diagrams
Description: object oriented modeling and design james rumbaugh et al prentice hall 1991 object oriented software engineering ivar jacobson et al addison wesley 1992
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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology
Description: lorenson object-oriented displaying and design prentice hall 1991 james rumbaugh ivarjacobson and grady booch addison-wesley 1999 sortie shlaerand stephen j
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jGuru Unified Modeling Language UML FAQ
Description: oriented modeling and design prentice-hall 1991 rumbaugh 1996 james rumbaugh omt insights perspectives on modeling from the journal of object-oriented programming
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Three Patterns in Object Modeling
Description: object research design volume 1 series 4 november - december 1994 pp 14-17 rumbaugh james a hunt for values remarks on object-oriented displaying of
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