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Invited review Diversity in the Monogenea and Digenea does
Description: invited examination diversity in a monogenea and digenea does lifestyle matter thomas h cribb a leslie a chisholm a rodney a abrade b a dialect of
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Phylogenetic analysis of the Monocotylidae Monogenea inferred
Description: phylogenetic analysis of the monocotylidae monogenea inferred from 28s rdna sequencesq leslie a chisholma jess at morgana1 rob d adlardb ian d whittingtona
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R EVIEW ARTICLE The CapsalidaeMonogenea Monopisthocotylea
Description: 109 examination article a capsalidae monogenea monopisthocotylea a examination of diversity sequence and phylogeny with a note about
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Estimation of skin and gill monogenea and musculature in O niloticus
Description: osman et al estimation of skin and gill monogenea and musculature in o niloticus treated by praziquantel using hplc estimation of skin and gill monogenea and
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Description: check list 52 351356 2009 issn 1809-127x lists of species 351 on dactylogyridae monogenea of four species of characid fishes from brazil
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ULTRASTRUCTURE OF THE TEGUMENT OF Metamicrocotyla macracantha
Description: macracantha monogenea microcotylidae parasito de mugil cephalus pisces mugilidae en la costa executive peruana rev biol trop 42 733-735
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Chapter 19 - Class Monogenea
Description: 1 chapter 19 - class monogenea mostly ectoparasitic 3 endoparasitic species one in the coelom of elasmobranchs one in the ureter of freshwater fishes and one in
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Apedunculata discoidea gen n sp n Monogenea Dactylogyridae
Description: braz j biol 693 895-898 2009 895 apedunculata discoidea gen n sp n monogenea dactylogyridae parasitic on prochilodus lineatus valenciennes 1837
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Zootaxa Capsaloides Monogenea Capsalidae
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Description: 2459 q 2002 a society for a study of evolution all rights reserved evolution 5612 2002 pp 24592471 coevolution between lamellodiscus monogenea
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