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Thermoplastics pipes Determination of tensile properties
Description: british customary bs en iso 6259-12001 thermoplastics pipes integrity of tensile properties partial 1 ubiquitous test process the european customary en iso 6259-1
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APPROVED - IGS Iranian Gas Standards
Description: iso 6259-3 e shall conform to en iso 6259-1 en iso 6259-1 f and iso 6259-3 tt brt resistance to slow crack growth for e i5 mm cone test vi10mm day number of test
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Part 2 Pipes
Description: iso 6259-3 exam piece figure type 1 a exam speed 50 mmmin elongation during break for 5 mm e u 12 mm w 350 series of exam pieces b according to iso 6259
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Gas Industry GISPL2 -1 200 8 Standard
Description: iso 6259-3 80 c hydrostatic strength after squeeze off no failure during the test period of any test piece c as above for 80 c hydrostatic strength
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Description: en iso 6259-12001 en iso 6259-31997 smltindex ndring frn granulat max 20 belastning 5 kg provningstemp190c en iso 11331999
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No Material or product Type of activity Internal reference number
Description: en-iso 6259-1 iso 6259-23 14 granulates or products of polyolefins integrity of a oxidation initiation time olt by means of dsc
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Gas Industry GISPL2 -2 200 8 Standard
Description: iso 6259-3 oit thermal stability 20minutes at 200c 1 set of oit samples outer mid inner per pipe size bs en 728 resistance to rapid
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DAP Deutsches Akkreditierungssystem Prfwesen GmbH
Description: plastics - integrity of tensile properties - partial 3 exam conditions for films and sheets iso 6259-1 1997-12 thermoplastic pipes - integrity of tensile
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Development of a Nol Ring test to study polyethylene pipe
Description: the comparison between tensile curves nol ring and iso 6259-13 standard is detailed in table 2 with the nol ring classification and the surface aspect observed on the
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Laboratoire national de mtrologie et dessais
Description: date titre de la runion 8 comparison of nol ring test formula and tensile tests formula according to iso 6259-12 siren reference favoured dimentions
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