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Walkers classic facies-model diagram
Description: examples of facies descriptions from cant and walker 1976 describing a fluvial period facies models facies association-characteristic steady association
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Volume 4 No 4 December 2006
Description: sepm member price 4500 2 december 2006 sepm special publication 84 cd e-book facies models revisited edited by henry w posamentier and roger walker facies
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Clastic facies models a personal perspective
Description: 1962 and interpreted as a routine facies indication by harms fahnestock 1965 and hiker 1965 in terms of upsurge regimes reading clastic facies models
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GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology
Description: best developed in tectonically active areasbest developed in tectonically active areas from walker rg 1980 facies models from walker rg 1980
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Wave-inuenced deltas geomorphological implications for facies
Description: in facies models response to sea-level change eds rg walker and np james pp 157177 geological association of canada st johns bhattacharya jp and willis b
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GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology Lecture 19 Deltas
Description: gy 402 sedimentary petrology harangue 19 deltas walker rg 1979 facies models geoscience canada reprint array 211 p
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GEOL 533 Carbonates Evaporites
Description: 9classification of carbonates morse and mckenzie pp 189-193 greensmith pp 124-155 9introduction to carbonate facies models walker pp 209-211 tucker wright 34-69
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Partitioning of bacterial communities between travertine
Description: and plant communities vital in any community eg hiker and james 1992 sedimentary facies models yield an essential process-orientedconceptual apparatus to
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Deep-Water Sands of the Brazilian Offshore Basins 30219 2012
Description: posamentier and walker 2006 in discussing their facies model for turbiditesand submarine fans sandy contourites bedforms and facies models what do we know about
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EAS 465-565 2010
Description: posamentier hw and walker rg 2006 facies models revisited sepm 527 pp facies models for shallow-water clastic systems facies models for
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