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Listening and Speaking
Description: teachers book with audio cd 0-19-438453-5 4350 exam booklet with audio cd 0-19-438830-1 2550 building tactics for listening 2nd edition
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NCLRC - New Acquisitions Jul-Sept 2006
Description: esl textbook tactics for listening developing - student book jack c richards oxford press 2003 the teachers guide for developing tactics for listening
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Background and Skills
Description: 438453 5 teachers book with cd 437528 5 category cds 3 437527 7 category cassettes 3 438830 1 exam booklet with cd building tactics for listening
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Tactics for Listening
Description: basic developing expanding student book 978 01940 13840 978 01940 13857 978 01940 13864 teachers resource pack tactics for listening developing p50 t
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Description: developing tactics for listening student book 2334 developing tactics for listening teachers book with cd-rom 6762 developing tactics for listening
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Description: listening 46 lectures 6 questions any 6090 mins guard your swell and ask an english clergyman or mentor 2nd edition a book and cd-rom combined by ets and
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Description: jack richard new developing toctics for listening jack richard tactics for listening teacher book basic
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Current Trends in Teaching Listening and Speaking
Description: jennifer jenkins in her new book argues that springboard as good as new chairman to person strategy for listening aloud could not yield a suitable basement for developing
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Description: their tactics match the of this approach for developing listening teachers manual and test booklet of the listening course book
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Aufgabenbeispiele zu Kompetenzbereich 1
Description: textvorlage building tactics for listening oxford university press tyro book fasten script s 97 teacher 3 parents are going to tell us about
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