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Autonomous GPS Controlled Car
Description: i unconstrained gps-controlled automobile the unconstrained gps-controlled automobile will navigate itself regulating gps-defined approach points it will be means to equivocate large obstacles that
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Spirit of Berlin An Autonomous Car for the DARPA Urban Challenge
Description: spirit of berlin an autonomous car for the darpa urban challenge hardware and software architecture team berlin june 1 st 2007 dr javier rojo
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Autonomous Cars and Society
Description: with a autonomous automobile following all of a traffic laws any person would have to be prepared to leave for their end with adequate time for a autonomous car
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Project Paper on Autonomous Car Controller Spring2002 Professor
Description: ece 684 autonomous car controller 1 project paper on autonomous car controller spring2002 professor r lopes submitted by
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Mapping with an Autonomous Car Pierre Lamon
Description: mapping with an autonomous car pierre lamon cyrill stachniss rudolph triebel patrick pfa christian plagemann giorgio grisetti
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A Simulated Autonomous Car
Description: abstract this thesis describes a unnatural autonomous automobile capable of pushing on urban-style roads a system is built around torcs an open source racing automobile
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Description: real-time automated road lane and car detection for autonomous driving tolga birdal aytl eril sabanci university faculty of engineering and natural sciences
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Daimler-Benzs Move towards the Next Century
Description: are designed to work in a sincerely autonomous manner during one indicate the really divergent many automobile functions mercedes will advantage from a high-technology strengths of
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Autonomous Slot-car System - Section L01 Slot-car Team Final
Description: autonomous slot-car system section l01 slot-car team final report ece 4007 capstone design project author
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Autonomous RC Car Controller
Description: autonomous rc automobile controller jessica kane thao nguyen august 3 2006 epitome the embedded computing systems laboratory is versed with a vanderbilt embedded
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