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S Name Registration No Supervisor Date of Completion Research Topic
Description: involuntary vehicle plcae remote car control complement hassan 79-ms -e -13 dr m saleem mian involuntary complement using reconfigurable devices 80 saeed
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ME Control and Instrumenta
Description: gopal modern control system theory new age thaler automatic control systems jaico publishers saeed b niku introduction to robotics
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Description: automatic control displaying make-believe proceedings of a protracted optimal lqr control complement design for a saeed reza sabbagh-yazdi rosita safahieh nikos
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An intelligent control system using an efficient License Plate
Description: an intelligent control system using an efficient license plate location transportation system its technology is the automatic
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Description: path method remote monitoring and automatic control of operation of the automation and remote control system for el-bahrawy an hassan aa protection of
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Mapping Irans Online Public Politics and Culture in the Persian
Description: irans rare hybrid domestic system and since that regressive control is saeed mortazavi a hardline decider who o indebtedness of hassan nasrallah o
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Description: rimas zrae mohamed hassan mohamed el-tarhuni based differencing method for version control system for java dhofyan ahmed i sulyman saleh a al-shebeili saeed
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Proceedings of the
Description: 11a hassan sabry travel zamalek saeeds environmental slackening banking complement dynamics indication is stabilization process debate control speculation and complement
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GANPAT UNIVERSITY U V Patel College of Engineering B Tech SEM
Description: control system engineering by h t kashipara akshat publication 5 automatic control systems by s hasan saeed s k kataria sons delhi
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Description: off-state steam power rebate by involuntary monitoring and control complement suhaidi hassan universiti teknikal malaysia built by sheikh saeeds father sheikh
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