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Description: amarakosha iii amarasimha namalinganusasana amarakosa kanda 3 submit by avinash sathaye and pramod sv ganesan april 20 1997 this content file is for anxiety purposes
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Description: he had mastered amarakosha which had sharpened his lexial knowledge and the future writer had endowed himself a vast treasure of active and passive vocabulary in sanskrit
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Online Multilingual Amarako the relational lexical database
Description: online multilingual amarakoa a relational literal database girish nath jha special core for sanskrit studies jawaharlal nehru university new delhi
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An Appeal to Readers
Description: book i bala kanda - book of youthful majesties chapter sarga 1 introduction divine sage narada arrives at the hermitage of sage valmiki in order to enlighten him
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A X 1
Description: amarakoshaornamalinganushasanamthesauruschapter1 amro ev namela_n asn a x 1 f namelan asn nam amroq tm a xm
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Yogitha Bali IRJP 2012 3 4
Description: amarakosha defines manya as a vessels that traverse behind a neck segment and greeva a region of cervical vertebrae synonyms
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Inflectional morphology analyzer
Description: plugging in the amarakosha httpsanskritjnuacinamara and other noun lexicons with the subanta system the ti anta will be enhanced by the k danta analysis
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PhD Professor Academic Oo Dean of Agriculture ANGRAU
Description: - amarakosha created during a period of chandra gupta ii contained information on soil irrigation implements manures and land use - story of cultivation from 9
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Guru Raghavendra for Novices Life and Teachings of Guru
Description: mastered amarakosha that sharpened his lexical knowledge he was a gifted scholar of sanskrit grammar venkanna liked performing pooja worship like the swamiji at the
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inria-00203476 v1 Inflectional morphology analyser for Sanskrit
Description: plugging in a amarakosha httpsanskritjnuacinamara and other noun lexicons with a subanta system a ti anta will be extended by a k danta research
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