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Al-Biruni A Great Muslim Scientist Philosopher and Historian
Description: vol ii original in persian translated into urdu by ghulam rasool mehrlahore 21 qanoon al-masudi vol i p 47 quoted in baloch ibid p 41 22 al-qanunul
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Utility of cupping therapy Hijamat in Unani medicine
Description: 4 ibn-e-sina al-qanoon fit-tib urdu translated by kantoori gh munshi naval kishore lucknow 1927 274-276 5 wyngarden jb smith lh bennet jc cecil text book of
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Scientific validation of Unani compound formulation for its
Description: 5 ibn sina al qanoon-fi- tib urdu interpretation by hussain sg 1303 h matab naval kishore lucknow vol ii 60 93 94 6 braunwald fauci kasper e r
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Description: in his book al-qanoon fil tibb and al advia wal qalbiya and are described here falsa shafaul mulk hakim abdul latif urdu translation al ad-via wal qalbiya
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Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik
Description: 2 kitab al havi fil tib vol-i-xii abu bakr zakriya razi ccrum i-ii 1997 4 qanoon sheikh urdu vol-i shamsuddin mohammad bin omar munshi naval
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Greek-Islamic medicine in India and Pakistan
Description: medical bayaz in urdu records collected by hakimabd al-malik this hakimwas a member of a board of unani ayurvedic complement of medicine in pakistan
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Perception of epilepsy in Muslim history with current scenario
Description: he wrote this in his book al-qanoon-fil-tibb the cannon of medicine which in urdu language india and pakistan epilepsy is called mirgi meaning
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Bibliography Glossary - A Archival Sources B Other Primary
Description: arif dr mahmud al hasan 1994 islam k qanoon-e waqf ma tarkh muslim auqaf urdu markaz tahqq dial singh trust library lahore pakistan
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M D Ilmul Advia Final Year
Description: al-qanoon fit tib kitabul hawi fit tib-razi kitabul abdal razi moheete azam 9 qarabadeen azam urdu azam khan aijaz publishing 1996
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Level Subjects studied Learning Outcomes
Description: urdu and investigate a few elemental principles of fiqha jaa al haq aqeedahbeliefs mufeed ut talibeen qanoon e shariat fiqha mishkawt ul masabeeh hadith
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