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Synthesis and biological study of novel methylene-bis-benzofuranyl
Description: anticancer 15-17 pesticidal 18 nematicidal 19 antiuterotropic 20 activities benzothiazepine and benzofuran in a singular molecular support work and to get them evaluated
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Synthesis of optically active 15-benzothiazepines
Description: the 15-benzothiazepine is one of the three possible benzocondensed derivatives viz 14 1213 r-23-dihydro-25-dimethyl-15-benzothiazepin-45h-one r-15 was
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Synthesis of 15-benzothiazepines Part XXX-Synthesis and
Description: received 15 october 2004 supposed revised 7 september 2005 flavindogenide benzopyran amount fused with a benzothiazepine ring 9 in further to have a fluorophenyl
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ISSN 0975-5071
Description: anticonvulsant 15 herbicidal 16 muscle relaxant 17 antihypertensive benzothiazepine derivatives are well known for diverse biological activities and play a key
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Heterocycles hFused onto 4-Oxoquinoline-3-Carboxylic Acid Part
Description: some of which were reported to exhibit activity against the hiv virus 15 or benzothiazepine derivatives as analogues of anticancer drugs molecules 1997 2 129-134
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Chalcones Differential effects on glycogen contents of liver
Description: 15337 p 0001 as compared to car treated control group contention benzothiazepine derivatives earnest nea giveaway radical scavengers and esterase
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Oxazepines and thiazepines 46 Synthesis of tetracyclic 15
Description: ar 7 8 15 16 scheme 1 utilizing this experience exocyclic carbon atoms unequivocally prove the tetracyclic 6a7-dihydro-15-benzothiazepine structure
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Calcium Movements Distribution and Functions in Smooth Muscle
Description: benzothiazepine fumarate lp-805 8-tert-butyl-67-dihydropyrrolo-32-e-5-methylpyrazolo 45ca21 for 3060 min followed by a 10- to 15-min wash-out duration with
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Pummerer-Type Reaction of N-Aryl- N-phenylsulnylpropylformamide
Description: less polar compound which was identied as 15 the forma tion of 15 bearing a leading to the benzothiazepine prior to cyclization of sulfe nium cation 11 to afford the tq
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14-Benzothiazepines 3-Hydroxy-benzo thiophene-2-carboxamides
Description: as constructional analogues of benzodiazepines benzothiazepine derivatives paint a poignant class of neurologically active agents 15
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