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Guidelines for Water Spray Systems
Description: title discipline for H2O spray systems author vds schadenverhtung gmbh subject formulation and installation proxy regulation sp 12005 for vds 2109 2002-06
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Procedure for the Approval of new Extinguishing Techniques
Description: lines for planning and installation of deluge fire extinguishing systems vds 2109 the fol lowing table shows some items important for the planning and installation of
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Description: the vds discipline for H2O spray extinguishing systems vds 2109 for simple control control of two-pole monostable electromagnetic releasing inclination by a
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CATS Sprinkler professional
Description: calculation of sprinkler systems as per vds 2092 or vds cea 4001 nfpa 13 nfpa 15 as well as deluge sprinkler system as per vds 2109 in the practical application
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ireDos - Instruction Manual
Description: vds cea 4001 for sprinkler systems with extinguishing agents vds 2109 for deluge systems with foam admixture vds 2108 for foam extinguishing systems
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VdS-Publikationen auf CD
Description: vds 2109 2002-06 vds-richtlinien fr sprhwasser-lschanlagen planung und einbau vds 2109-s1 2005-08 vds-richtlinien fr sprhwasser-lschanlagen planung und
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Springleranlagen - Grenzen der Einsatzmglichkeit
Description: vds 2109 richtlinien fr sprhwasserlschanlagen planung und einbau vds 2304 einrichtungsschutz fr elektrische und elektro-nische systeme richtlinien fr planung
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VdS-Anerkennung von Errichterfirmen und Zertifizierung von Fachfirmen
Description: sprinkleranlagen vds cea 4001 sprhwasser-lschanlagen vds 2109 funkenlschanlagen vds 2106 schaum-lschanlagen vds 2108 co2-lschanlagen vds 2093
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Description: cats sprinkler calculation acc to vds 20922109 heating load and cooling load calculation program piping and duct calculation programs
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Niederdrucklschsysteme zur Absicherung von Kabelkanlen
Description: belegungshhe max 60 mm lochanteil kabelauflage min 30 anforderungen an sprhwasserlschanlagen fr kabelkanle gem vds 2109
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