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Algal Phylogeny and the Origin of Land Plants
Description: rdna sequences with those of a green algae fig 2a outpost de counterpart et al 1996 figure 3 tiny subunit rdna phylogenies a horde cell nuclear phylogeny assembled with
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A multi-locus time-calibrated phylogeny of the brown algae
Description: a multi-locus time-calibrated phylogeny of the brown algae heterokonta ochrophyta phaeophyceae investigating the evolutionary nature of the brown algal
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Phylogeny and evolution of charophytic algae and land plants
Description: journal of systematics and expansion 46 3 287306 2008 doi 103724spj1002200808035 formerly acta phytotaxonomica sinica httpwww
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Description: 747 j phycol 36 747758 2000 phylogeny of the conjugating green algae zygnemophyceae based on rbc l sequences 1 richard m mccourt 2 department of botany
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HerveMoreau Matthew D Herron and Olivier De Clerck
Description: eages in the green algae mol biol evol 13 978989 bhattacharya d and medlin l 1998 algal phylogeny and the origin of land plants
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Genetic Engineering of Algal Species
Description: diversity phylogeny and taxonomy as good as physiological mechanisms and practical genetic engineering 13 a importance of algae a use of algae in biotechnological
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Rhodophyta on rbcL
Description: abstract aphylogeny for the rhodophyta has been inferred by parsimony analysis of plastid thered algae phylum rhodophyta are a distinct group of eukaryoticorganisms
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Seaweeds - protists too
Description: immature algae chlorophyta heading to land plantsfrom immature algae - charophyceans figure 288 a indeterminate phylogeny of eukaryotes
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Phylogenetic relationships among algae based on complete large
Description: phylogeny for chromophyte algae using 16s-like rrna sequences from mallomonas papillosa synurophyceae and tribonemaaequale xanthophyceae jphycol 27428436
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The Precambrian radiation of the green algae
Description: green algae cavalier-smith 2002 2006 being an superb specialist of molecular phylogeny though not a palaeontologist argued that immensely later than a
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